Manager.LT Academy has created and now offers practical teambuilding programs for all workgroups. We organize various teambuilding activities under different topics and levels of physical and mental difficulty. Naturally, more physically and mentally extreme programs are conducted under strict supervision of the professional specialist and instructors. Our aim is to deliver a deeper insight in teambuilding processes and give a personal experience that the participants can use in their everyday work.

Manager.LT Academy Teambuilding Programs

Though training is a serious business in itself, we believe that it must produce a good self esteem and improve the overall team climate. Thus, we try to employ as much good emotions as possible!

Manager.LT Academy teambuilding application benefits for:

Already working teams (both for employees and/or managers and employers), it provides a perfect opportunity to “chill out”, improve mutual trust, communication, initiative and thus the productivity. At the same time it is a fun and useful way for a spare time activity (three days of teambuilding = two weeks on the Caribbean).

Newly formed groups, it allows to shorten the time needed for the unavoidable period of frictions and storming. It helps to evaluate the compatibility of the team members. It solves those small “domestic” conflicts, and does this all during initial stages of the team formation without transferring the problems into the working environment.

Employers/managers, it enables them to discover the hidden resources and talents within their own teams. It allows evaluation of the leading capabilities of lower level managers and leaders, identification of the tensions, frictions and other problems. Most importantly it improves the productivity of the group as a unit and of the group members as individuals.


*Duration and location is dependable on the purposes, aims and customer’s needs.

**Price is provided only as approximate value, as it depends on the duration, number of participants, location, and any additional reprogramming to meet customer’s needs. A more exact program cost estimate is provided after customer’s need assessment.

A more detailed description as well as preliminary cost estimate is provided after customer’s request.

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